iOS Version of Text Blaze

Version of Text Blaze that runs on iPhones and iPads.

This would likely be implemented using a system Keyboard.

Moving between my Mac and the ipad more and more these days, the latter is becoming my typing platform. So learning all my text shortcuts on Blaze - which I enjoy so much - and then not being able to use them on iOS slows me right up.
So Blaze for iOS (and sync'd if that were possible) would be fantastic.


Support for this. When I don't have a computer, i use my iphone mainly and inputting lot of message in the airbnb,, expedia app for guest inquiry.

Please add this function, or easily transfer/sync of short cut to the "text replacement" in the iOS system.

This would be great.

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My bill for Text Blaze just arrived and it allows me to take a critical pause - please add an iOS application or keyboard OR simply a way to export a CSV. Text blaze on iOS would be amazing!

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