iOS Version of Text Blaze

Version of Text Blaze that runs on iPhones and iPads.

This would likely be implemented using a system Keyboard.

Moving between my Mac and the ipad more and more these days, the latter is becoming my typing platform. So learning all my text shortcuts on Blaze - which I enjoy so much - and then not being able to use them on iOS slows me right up.
So Blaze for iOS (and sync'd if that were possible) would be fantastic.


Support for this. When I don't have a computer, i use my iphone mainly and inputting lot of message in the airbnb,, expedia app for guest inquiry.

Please add this function, or easily transfer/sync of short cut to the "text replacement" in the iOS system.

This would be great.


My bill for Text Blaze just arrived and it allows me to take a critical pause - please add an iOS application or keyboard OR simply a way to export a CSV. Text blaze on iOS would be amazing!


I do so much work on my phone but I use the Google apps directly - like gmail and Docs

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I'd be happy with just an app that allowed me to copy and paste snippets. I've just found this service and I plan to use it for social media hashtag lists.

So yeah, just being able to access my hashtag snippets to easily copy and paste would welcome.

Hi @user313 - welcome to the forum.

I'm guessing you're using Safari, correct?

For now, Text Blaze works exclusively on Chrome and Chromium-based browsers (such as Edge and Brave), which means that it won't be able to insert snippets in Safari.

We definitely want to make Text Blaze available on other platforms in the future, however I'm unable to give you an ETA for when this will happen.

Hi, I do use Safari on iOS, but Brave elsewhere.

I think you might have read my initial post incorrectly. If you were to create an app for iOS where I could simply copy and paste my existing snippets from what I have already created via Chrome, Edge, Brave, Opera etc., I'd be very happy with just that.

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My apologies for misunderstanding :slight_smile:

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No problem. This extension is a god send, it’s really making a huge difference in my workflow.


Glad to hear that!

Also agree with the above comments - I do a lot of switching between ipad and desktop.. A way to use Text Blaze on an iPad would be of HUGE value to me. Hopefully there becomes a way soon.


I agree. Massive fan of Text Blaze! I use all platforms including windows and mac and mainly iPad Pro. It would be so helpful to be able to use this product across all of these platforms, especially on iPad. We currently have to create separate keyboard shortcuts on the iPad Pro, which is not ideal.