Is it possible to include a footnote with my template?

Does anyone if it is possible to have a footnote inserted into Google Docs with my form template?

Hi Harry,
Welcome to the forum. Try this:

Doc text{key: alt-cmd-f}footnote text

Here's how I created it:


Hi Dan!

I was able to get the footnote working, but can't figure out how to get the cursor back up to the doc to continue with the doc text.

I tried:
Doc Text {key: alt-cmd-f} Footnote Text {key: esc} Doc Text

This gives me an [Error - Unknown key "esc"]

I'm using a Mac and the text is going into Google Docs. I found I can bring the cursor back up out of the footnotes by pressing Esc but can't figure out how to get this working in the Text Blaze.

Hi, it's {key:escape} not {key:esc}.

Note that exiting the footer may turn out not be possible, but I hope {key:escape} solves it for you!

I tried this yesterday and it didn't work but it works today!

Thank you both for your help! Really appreciate it!

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