Is it possible to make a field's default dependent on an "if" statement?

I want to use an {if:} command to adjust the default of a formtext field. I've tried nesting the if statement within the default tag, but I don't think I have the syntax right.

{formtext: name=Merchant; default=({if: len({clipboard})<50}{clipboard}

{formtext: name=Merchant; default=({if: len({clipboard})<50}{clipboard}{endif})}

Update: This works on it's own, but I can't get it to work when I put it in after the default command:


{if: {=len({clipboard})<50}}{clipboard}

{if: {=len({clipboard})<50}}{clipboard}{endif}

Nested inside Default:

{formtext: name=Merchant; default={if: {=len({clipboard})<50}}{clipboard}{endif}}

{formtext: name=Merchant; default={if: {=len({clipboard})<50}}{clipboard}{endif}}

Hi Caitlyn,

You can't use {if} in a setting, but you can use formulas. You can use this syntax in a formula: yes_value if condition else no_value to implement conditional logic.

For example:

{formtext: name=Merchant; default={={clipboard} if len({clipboard}) < 50 else ""}}