Is there a way to insert a page title from a copied URL?

I'm looking to create something similar to Text Blaze's "Website" function that pulls page information from the website you are on. However, instead of pulling this data from the page you're currently on, I'd like it to do so for a URL that was copied into the clipboard if possible.

The final outcome I'm looking for is inserting a hyperlink into an email based on a URL copied by the user. The text displayed for the hyperlink would be the URL's page title, and the link would be the URL itself.

The "select" option would have also worked well, except it seems to show ALL of a person's tabs and I know my team often has many tabs open, so it feels harder to select what they're looking for.

Here is an example of how we're looking to use it:

I'm writing an email and want to share a resource I found online that would be relevant to that conversation. I visit the page in a new tab within my browser and copy the URL ( for example).
I would write in my email "Here is the Text Blaze Community that might be helpful to you" (the bold text is what would be inserted by the snippet.

Is this possible? Any recommendations?

You can load the page using the {urlload} command (Text Blaze | {urlload}). It doesn't run any JavaScript on the page so any content you need must be in the initial HTML load of the page. The title of the page is likely to be part of that initial load so shouldn't be a problem for you.

A blocker for what you want to do though is the {link} command can't have a dynamic domain. so you could do something like "Text Blaze Community (" but couldn't wrap that in a {link} command.

If that sounds like a good approach, I can help you set up the logic.