ISO8601 date format templates for you

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I know quite a few of us here like to use ISO8601 date formats for journaling, task management and lots more. So I thought I'd share a snippet with the ISO8601 date formats for you to use. Just copy the snippet to your Text Blaze dashboard, and then keep versions you want to use.

ISO 8601 date formats

Date without year (e.g. --10-01):
{time: --MM-DD}

Date (e.g. 2020-10-01):
{time: YYYY-MM-DD}

Ordinal date (e.g. 2020-275):
{time: YYYY-DDD}

Week with weekday (e.g. 2020-W40-4):
{time: YYYY-[W]W-d}

Week (e.g. 2020-W40):
{time: YYYY-[W]W}

Alternatively, you can use a dropdown menu to choose:

{formmenu: name=format;
{time: --MM-DD};
{time: YYYY-MM-DD};
{time: YYYY-DDD};
{time: YYYY-[W]W-d};
{time: YYYY-[W]W}}

The above will give you the current date. As always, you can use additional settings to dictate a specific date. You can find all of the details here:

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That's amazing! Thanks!

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