Issues on Chrome running on Mac

I have three issues:

  1. Creating my own snippets didnt get activated. Unable to use the shortcuts
  2. A colleague created on his laptop (windows) and shared, worked fine for him but not for me.
  3. I created a folder and shared with him, didnt work plus the snippets he had created too stopped working

Is this a Text Blaze on mac problem?

Hi @anand and welcome to the forum.

Could you kindly send me a photo of your dashboard on with subject line ATTN: CEDRIC please?

Welcome @anand! You may need to modify your snippets to account for some Autopilot features functioning different on a mac. For example, instead of manually typing "Ctrl-s" on a PC to save something, Autopilot can use "{key:ctrl-s}" in a snippet to perform the "Save" function. However, the "Ctrl-s" command is not recognized by Mac. Therefore, to make your Autopilot perform the "Save" function seamlessly for both PC & Mac users who are using a Snippet shared with them, the Autopilot command for "Save" needs to written as "{key:ctrl-s; mac=cmd-s}". Doing so will allow the "Save" function to be executed seamlessly, regardless of the user being on PC or Mac. Another example is the "Select All" function. That would be written as "{key:ctrl-a; mac=cmd-a}".

Does this help?