Issues with the triggering text

I type in "mmm" and it should enter this :libra: :raised_hand: :heart: :raised_back_of_hand: :peace_symbol: but often I "mm​:libra: :raised_hand: :heart: :raised_back_of_hand: :peace_symbol:"
Is there anyway to fix this?

Hi @anon49328059 and welcome to the forum.

Does this happen on any website? Also, what system are you running on?

It doesn't happen on every site. It always happens when using the macros within Facebook. I am on Windows 10.
Thanks for the response.

@anon49328059 - how did you insert the images in the snippet please? Did you upload them manually using the Insert Image button in the dashboard?

Could you share your snippet here please?

This only seems to be happening in facebook, which is truly unfortunate because it is literally where I use it most. Any ideas?

Hi @anon49328059,

I've tried inserting those symbols in a variety of ways, both with Text Blaze and directly, but it looks like this is a limitation on the side of Facebook. We don't have any control over it. Sorry.