Joining declared variables

I'm sure this is pretty basic but my brain is not working for me today.

How would I string together two variables into a new declared variable.

This is what I've attempted, but I don't think I'm using "join" correctly.
Jira ID: {id1="PROJECT-"}{=id1}{formtext: name=id2}

{id3=join (id1, id2)}


Hi Peter, are you looking for string concatenation like this:

{id1="PROJECT-"}{=id1}{formtext: name=id2;default=12}

You can also use the list join but it looks slightly complex:

{id1="PROJECT-"}{=id1}{formtext: name=id2;default=12}
{id3=join([id1, id2], "")}

Ah! yes! perfect, I didn't know you could use "&" to string them together. Thank you!

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