June Development Update

Text Blaze

:speech_balloon: Snippet comments

Guess what? You can now add comments to your snippets! The comment editor is just like the one in Data Blaze and supports @ mentioning your teammates and quickly adding emojis.

Comments will make it so much easier to collaborate on your snippets, provide feedback, or suggest changes.


Easily extract multiple items from a webpage

The {site} command lets you include text from the webpage you are on in your snippet. We've improved the site command build to allow you to select a list of items from a page. This is great for when you want to import tabular data from a page into your snippet.


Data Blaze

:alarm_clock: now() and today() functions

Blaze formulas now have now() and today() functions. today() gives you the current date, while now() gives you the current date and time. Handy, right? :date:

In Data Blaze, cells using these functions are automatically updated periodically, so you can create formulas that depend on the current date or time.

For example, this table shows how far away each product launch is from today by using the formula datetimediff(today(), Launch, "D"):

:heavy_plus_sign: Improved new field menu

The new field menu has been upgraded to be larger and faster. The name for the new field is automatically populated based on the selected field type and, for linked rows, the linked table.

:clapper: Video of the month

Check out this fantastic new video on how to use tables in your snippets. We launched tables a few months ago, and they've been super helpful.

As always...

If you have any questions, feel free to post in our Question and Answer community forums. And if there's something you'd love to see in Text Blaze or Data Blaze, please suggest it in the Features Ideas section.


Awesome, thank you.

Question. My users are not showing the Comment option. I sent a user a comment and she got an email notification. However, when she follows the link, just the snippet is displayed. No option to click the comment button. Her extension is current on the 2.8.33 version. What am I missing?

Actually, I just figured out that it is because my users do not have "Editor" permissions. Nor do I want them to. Really wish there was a way to interact via comments with users set for "Viewer" permissions.

Hi @Brad_Hedinger.

The comments option is available for users with "viewer" permission as per the screenshot:

Can you please share a screenshot of how the snippet looks on the "viewer" user side on our support email?


Awesome! Is it possible for the "comment option" to be available inside the actual snippet window?
I.e on the same height as "Cancel" and "Insert"?

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My "Viewer" users are now seeing the chat window and are able to engage with it. Thank you!

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Thanks for the feedback Benjamin. Not sure I 100% understand it though. Could you maybe clarify a bit what you mean about the height?

Skjermbilde 2023-06-06 154427

Maybe my "extreme" skills in Paint could clarify

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I see, you mean in the form window when you actually insert it?

Interesting idea. Can you provide some more info on how that would be useful to you?

Yeah, thats what I mean! Like if you click on it, a text field opens up with a designated "send" button.

We have created loads of snippets in my organization, and I have set up different channels to give feedback on writing errors or edit-requests, but I believe this would make it more accessible.
Bonus would be if everyone could see eachother comments.

Also the "snippet history" would be a nice addition, but instead of showing the coded editing, it instead shows the snippet how it actually looked in the previous version (without being able to insert the old version).

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Oh, I see! That would definitely make giving feedback a breeze.

We'll consider how to put this into action. Thanks a bunch for your input! :raised_hands:


Comment from the pop-up would be very helpful. I'd also like an option to be able to hover over another icon down there that would let me put some "help" text in there. Where they can trigger it from, any known issues. etc etc. Right now, I just do it with a form toggle up at the top of a snippet but I don't really like that it is within the snippet.