Keyboard shortcut to trigger TextBlaze Dashboard?(Windows)

Does this exist?
Also, can you access the list of snippits without opening the dashboard itself? I seem to recall you can do this, but cannot remember how to do it. Thanks all!

Hi @Allan_Wohl - yes it does!

Here's how to do it :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick reply. I had already tried the control-shift-space keyboard command and this does not work for me in chrome with the text blaze extension installed in the browser.

Hi Allan,
Try configuring it here: chrome://extensions/shortcuts
Please let me know if that works.

That link does not seem to work when i click on 'here'

Try: chrome://extensions/shortcuts

@Allan_Wohl, if you're still having difficulties, drop me a line and let's get on a quick call so I can help you set it up :slight_smile:

Email is

You know I'm always at your service :blush: