Line breaks in-between each line

I have various snippets that when I try them out within chrome paste like I would expect them to, then if I try to copy and paste them into a desktop text editor (such as Notepad) a line break is added between each line. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?


Hi @Dylan_Wake Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I just tried a simple plain text snippet with multiple lines, and it worked for me. Specifically:

  1. I triggered the snippet in the Chrome textbox where you tried it - and it gave the correct new lines.
  2. I then selected all the text in the textbox, and then copied it.
  3. I then pasted it into Windows Notepad, and I still got all the newlines correctly.

Can you share the full snippet with us? You can create a new folder, and put the snippet in it, and then share the folder with me at my email

Note that - if you're trying to run the snippets in Windows apps outside of Chrome - we would recommend our Text Blaze for Windows app as it would save you time.

I would like to use the Text Blaze for Windows app, however currently at my work I'm unable to install programs and requesting the app will require some levels of IT approval. For now I am trying to use snippets in chrome and then paste them into my documentation. I went ahead and shared the full snippet with you.

Just to follow up on this thread: I have responded to you via email.

This issue affects only snippets that have formatting (like bold formatting). I have made a note of this issue, and I will try to fix it.

To remove formatting from your snippet, select all contents in it, and then press the Tx button in the snippet editor toolbar to remove formatting.