Lines breaks automatically added

When I use a snippet, two extra line breaks are always added between every paragraph. Is there a way to avoid this? Is happens with every Chrome page I try to use Blaze. Thanks.

Hi @Paul_Banks, welcome to the forum.

Could you please share your snippet in here so I can try to understand what's happening? If it contains any sensitive information, just replace it with dummy text.

Below is the snippet. Extra line breaks did not occur with this text entry tool. They do occur with others that I use such as MS Word Office 365.

Thanks for your interest! There are a few different ways we can proceed, depending on your preference. You can go to the website, get the details, and proceed with creating an account, getting verified, uploading your syllabi and content on your own, and getting paid (

The other option is for us to have a phone call or Zoom, and I can explain everything and answer any questions you may have. You can then create your account, or you can create an account before our Zoom so that we can login to your dashboard together, and I can walk you through everything step-by-step with a screen share.

If you'd like to speak on the phone or by Zoom, let's figure out a time that works for both of us using this InMail thread. I'm normally available weekdays 10-12 PM and 1-5 PM Central time.


Hi @Paul_Banks,

I'm not sure why this is happening. It probably has something to do with the way linebreaks are interpreted on certain websites you're using.

I've made a copy of the snippet here:

I've tried using it in this forum, on Gmail, and on the web version of Outlook, and it worked fine in all three instances.

What other websites are you trying it on? Can you please share the URLs?