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Was wondering if there is a way to hide the full URL from being shown next to links in the snippet popups.


Hi @Peter_Monterubio,

I'm not sure I understand your question. If we take the example below, do you mean removing the small text after the word "Product"?

You can view the product here: {link:{=id}/view }Product{endlink}

Yeah, the little box to the right with the full url written out.

You can actually avoid using the {link} command and just copy/paste a link instead, just as you would do in a google doc or gmail (for instance).

The reason we have the {link} command is because of certain instances where the method above doesn't work. To be honest, I mostly use this method myself.

Aha, yeah, unfortunately most of the links we include in our snippets are generated using some variation of the {clipboard} command, so we have to use the {link} command for our links.

Thanks so much for looking into it though!

I see. May I ask exactly why you want to remove the link tag though? Maybe we're missing some logical reason.

One of our snippets have four links on the main menu of the snippet and some are quite long, so it ends up with more url text in boxes than actual snippet text on the screen.

Looks like a fair point. I'll discuss it with Scott, maybe we can come up with a solution :slight_smile:

I'll keep you posted. Happy holidays!

Thanks again for bringing up this point. I've discussed it with Scott and here's what we're gonna do in an upcoming update.

  1. The URLs will no longer appear in the popup when inserting a snippet
  2. However, they WILL appear in the preview pane in the dashboard. We're keeping them there for the sake of practicality for when you're in the process of creating the snippet.

I hope this makes things more convenient for you :slight_smile:

Any other suggestions, we're always happy to hear them!

Thanks so much! That would work perfectly! It’s actually pretty helpful when editing snippets.

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Glad we got the best of both worlds! :slight_smile: