LinkedIn bio link does not work

Hi there, the link I added to my LinkedIn looked fine on Text Blaze, but does not work when I post to LinkedIn. Can you advise why? Thanks for your help!

Hi @brycer Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Can you please share an image of how the link looks on Text Blaze? Versus how it looks on LinkedIn?

Hi - thanks heaps

can you see those? thks

@brycer LinkedIn doesn't allow for hyperlinks in their messages, so the hyperlinked "Bryce" is being stripped out by LinkedIn upon inserting into a message. That'd be the case with or without Text Blaze because it's part of LinkedIn's messaging system. If you need to include a link, it'll have to be the URL not a hyperlink like that.

Ok Noted - how does this guy do it?

he's the one that put me onto the blaze

Ah gotcha. It looks like Sam tagged himself in the post -- LinkedIn does create hyperlinks for tags, but only when it's done through the actual tagging in a LinkedIn post, not from hyperlinks.

You could add autopilot commands to accomplish this. Autopilot emulates keypresses and clicks.

I could emulate the keypresses that equate to tagging and selecting from a menu as part of your snippet.

Doing some testing, you have to use the {key: @} command to open the mention selector (can't just be a typed @ as part of the snippet). Have the snippet type in what you need to make yourself the first option, and then select it using downarrow then enter.

Here's a snippet that does that for me:

I'm {key: @}andrew{wait: delay=+0.5s}{key: downarrow}{key: enter}

Here's a gif showing it working:


that gif is way way too fast for me to follow sorry

it looks like you are in LinkedIn - how does it select just me?
the mention selector sits on which platform?

I tried it in both - no good, I put in 'bryce'

can you advise the precise area you are in, and the exact command for me


@brycer sorry about that -- the gif is fast because all of this is happening automatically :slight_smile:

Let's look at my suggested snippet again and break down how it's working:

I'm {key: @}andrew{wait: delay=+0.5s}{key: downarrow}{key: enter}

I would use this snippet inside LinkedIn on the post creation page.

The snippet starts with "I'm " and then uses the {key: @} command. Rather than just entering a @ as part of the text, this instead emulates the pressing of the @ key. When creating a post in LinkedIn, typing the @ symbol opens LinkedIn's mention menu, where you can select people to mention.

After my {key: @} command, I have Text Blaze enter my name. That is filtering LinkedIn's mention menu down to just values with "Andrew", and in that case I'm the top result in the list. I might consider using my entire name instead to be safe.

The snippet then has a {wait} command that delays the snippet of 0.5 seconds. That's to make sure LinkedIn has time to load the filtered list before proceeding.

Next, the {key: downarrow} command emulates the pressing of the down arrow on my keyboard. That selects that first option from LinkedIn's mention menu.

Finally, the {key: enter} command emulates the pressing of the enter button. That selects the highlighted option from the LinkedIn mention menu (the first option when filtered down to Andrew). That creates a link to my profile for me automatically.

The rest of the snippet can be written however you want with the rest of the text after it.

Ok - got it! Cheers!