LinkedIn Use with CRM?

I am a time management coach who has used and recommended text expanders for years.

Just found Text Blaze and am very impressed so far.

I noticed there is a number of LinkedIn functionalities and wondered if Text Blaze might solve a problem I am having.

I do a lot of prospecting on LinkedIn. My personal CRM, Nimble has a great Chrome extension that creates a new contact in Nimble from LinkedIn. Saves me a ton of time.

I have a client that uses Hubspot and I can't move him from Hubspot because of its integration with his support areas and website.

I would like a way to grab LinkedIn contact info of people we are connected to and add it to Hubspot. Sadly Hubspot doesn't have a similar Chrome extension to Nimble.

Is there a way I might be able to use Text Blaze for this?


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Hi @CaptainTime , welcome to the forum.
HubSpot used to support API keys, which made it possible to write to HubSpot using a snippet. They now use OAuth, which is currently not supported.

You could save the information from LinkedIn into Data Blaze using a snippet and periodically export it to a CSV and import it to HubSpot.

Like @Dan_Barak1 mentioned, I will save information from linkedin to Datablaze and using webhook and using third-party tool (like Zapier, n8n, Make or Pabbly Connect), the information from Datablaze will be automatically added to Hubspot CRM (upon adding new row in Datablaze).

That will smoothly work.

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