List commands not working consistently

I'm having some difficulty with the ", " command which separates items in a list that I randomize. Sometimes TB is not recognizing the ", " command and then prints ", " as well as the next list item. Sometimes it works perfectly. Any help? Thanks!

Hi @B_Strong,

Happy to help.

Could you share a dummy version of the snippet you're using please?

[Oops I see this is an old thread].

Hi @Cedric_Debono_Blaze !

I've returned. I've solved ", " --I think. New Goal: Print randomized list1 THEN random list2-list13 each occurring 1/12th of the time randomly. Here ti is a dummy version:

list1 = ["Contracted SN visit:
", "Author was contracted for a routine visit:
", "SN provided patient visit interventions:
", "Agency agreed to SN interventions:
", "The patient visit included these interventions:
", "Interventions for the patient were requested by Agency with SN assessment:
", "The patient visit was planned by Agency and SN:
", "This patient visit was collaborated by Agency and SN:"]
= list1[ceil(random()*count(list1))]

list2 = ["Writer screened bla covid;
Writer bla vitals;
Writer instructed abruptly bla tachycardia;
Writer received urine output bla.;
Writer evaluated bla scheduling.”]

list3 = [“This writer ruled out ;
This writer obtained O2 patient;
This writer instructed complications;
This writer bla.”]

list4 = [Writer teaching for effectiveness;
Writer instructed pain;
Writer used the results;
Writer assessed the bla;
Writer provided and.”]

list5 = [“The Patient provided;
The Patient bla;
The Patient was bla.”]

list6 = [“Author then;
Author assessed ADL ability;
Author instructed well-being;
Author collaborated strategies deficits;
Author scheduled with.”]

list7 = [“Author bla;
Author instructed that ;
Author instructed after ;
Author reviewed bla;
Author received .”]

list8 = [“Author maintained;
Author instructed bla;
Author provided;
Author promoted;
Author scheduled .”]

list9 = ["SN asked and received bla;
SN gathered required equipment;
SN instructed health;
SN instructed hygiene;
SN instructed options;
SN instructed ya ya;
SN instructed;
SN instructed patient bla;
SN provided the bla bla.”]

list10 = [“SN assessed the bla bla;
SN instructed the ya ya;
SN bla.”]

list11 = [“Writer confirmed bla;
Writer assessed the blab lba;
Writer reduced bla;
Writer reduced patient bla;
Writer reduced risk for bla;
Writer reduced bla;
Writer instructed bla.”]

list12 = [“Writer teaching included bla bla;
Writer Instructed bla bla;
Writer collaborated with bla.”]

list13 = ["SN explained visit goals bla bla bla;
SN teaching included;
SN assessed bla vla;
SN instructed bla;
SN assessed bla bla;
SN assessed;
SN assessed and blat;
SN assessed and instructed this;
SN bla bla;
SN bla;
SN assessed bla;
SN assessed and instructed bla;
SN assessed bla;
SN bla ."]

= list2[ceil(random() * count(list2))]
if random() > .077
= list3[ceil(random() * count(list3))]
= list4[ceil(random() * count(list4))]
= list5[ceil(random() * count(list5))]
= list6[ceil(random() * count(list6))]
= list7[ceil(random() * count(list7))]
= list8[ceil(random() * count(list8))]
= list9[ceil(random() * count(list9))]
= list10[ceil(random() * count(list10))]
= list11[ceil(random() * count(list11))]
= list12[ceil(random() * count(list12))]
= list13[ceil(random() * count(list13))]

Good Morn @Cedric_Debono_Blaze
...As Laural would often hear from Hardy, "I've gotten myself into a fine mess!"

  1. I started "messing" with TB yesterday and discovered my "code" triggeres just as text;
  2. I wrote a new "snippet" (see above) and the entire text of everything spits-out so it is not testable;
  3. I am not sure why I play in this sandbox without a shovel.

Hey @B_Strong . Email us at and we'll be happy to help


You might find this method easier for creating lists:

{list1=split("Contracted SN visit:
Author was contracted for a routine visit:
SN provided patient visit interventions:
Agency agreed to SN interventions:
The patient visit included these interventions:
Interventions for the patient were requested by Agency with SN assessment:
The patient visit was planned by Agency and SN:
This patient visit was collaborated by Agency and SN:", "\n")}