Loading row data from a table

I am newbie. Please tell me how to make this possible. There is a table in which in the first column names of clients. And in the second column addresses of clients. And in the third column are the phone numbers of my clients. I would like to select the name of the client in the snippet in the drop-down list. And so that the name, address, phone number from the table row, which correspond to the client's name, are loaded into the phrase.

Is there an implementation option for DataBlaze and Google Sheets?

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You can do something like this with Data Blaze:

{dbselect: SELECT Name, Address, Phone FROM Contacts; space=id; menu=yes}

Hi {=name}. I'll send you a letter to {=address} and give you a ring at {=phone}

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Thanks! A wonderful solution! Is there a solution for Google Sheets?

You can integrate with Google Sheets with Text Blaze, but it is more complicated.

Here's a walkthrough:

I would suggest to move Google Sheet data to Datablaze. You will be happy with that decision.