Lock Snippet Contents From Editing

I want the ability to lock ranges of info in a snippet from being edited so that when making adjustments to the snippet, contents are not mistakenly edited that are not supposed to be.

For example, there is a batch of commands at the end of most of my teams snippets that has some variation depending on the snippet, but basically, looks like this:

{note: insert=yes; preview=no; trim=yes}{wait: delay=+0.5s}{import: |selectorcaseteam}{wait}{key: s}{key: t}{key: u}{key: d}{key: e}{key: n}{key: t}{key: space}{key: a}{key: d}{key: v}{key: o}{key: c}{key: a}{key: c}{key: y}{key: enter}{wait: delay=+0.5s}{import: |selectorcasetype}{wait}{key: c}{key: h}{key: a}{key: n}{key: g}{key: e}{key: space}{key: o}{key: f}{key: space}{key: e}{key: n}{key: r}{key: o}{key: l}{key: l}{key: m}{key: e}{key: n}{key: t}{key: space}{key: (}{key: r}{key: e}{key: -}{key: e}{key: n}{key: t}{key: r}{key: y}{key: )}{key: enter}{wait: delay=+0.5s}{import: |selectorcasesavebutton}{endnote}

It is imperative that these AutoPilot commands run exactly as coded every single time, with zero margin for error. I find that once in a while, when editing the contents of a snippet, a hotkey or something may be unknowingly hit which causes some of the snippet contents to change. I would love to be able to identify batches or ranges of content in my snippets that are locked from being edited. Perhaps such content could be wrapped in a something like {lock} {endlock}.

Thank you!

Hey Brad! Would it work for you to put these autopilot commands in a separate snippet, and then import them into the parent snippet? This way, while editing the parent snippet, users would not accidentally edit the autopilot actions (because they are in a separate snippet altogether).

Great idea! I thought of this as well, and have tried it, even have it in practice in a few snippets. The reason it is not a reliable solution, speaking for myself, is because many of my snippets have if statements nested within the autopilot string of commands. Those statements vary quite a bit from snippet to snippet.