Looking for info about Text Blaze HIPAA Compliance

As the title suggests, I am looking for info about HIPAA Compliance. I work in healthcare and need to be sure that TB isn't copying or storing any protected healthcare information. Anyone have experience with this?

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I responded to your email, but I will also responding here for the benefits of others.

The privacy and security of our users data is incredibly important. We absolutely do not copy nor store what you type to our servers. Here are some additional references with more details:

I am happy to answer any other questions about the details of how Text Blaze works.


Hi Scott! I'm also trying to find out whether Text Blaze is HIPAA compliant. Your general answer about the privacy and security of users' data is far from actual assuring HIPAA compliance. To be more specific, does Text Blaze sign BAA (Business Associate Agreement) which is a requirement for HIPAA compliance? If not, then I need to look elsewhere. Thank you in advance for a more detailed answer.

Hi Mark. We are able to sign contracts and agreements like a BAA for users on our Enterprise plan. If your organization is interested, shoot us an email at sales@blaze.today with the number of seats you need and we can create a quote for you.