Make a list with the links that I copied to clipboard

Hello, It is possible to create a list (one element each I perform a copy to clipboard) ?

Since I'm trying to capture multiple actions, I'm not sure how to do it, I usually work with a list of links,

So the first step is to capture all of them subsequently and the second step is to apply format(which I can do it correctly now)

i mean,

1- (action previously copied to clipboard - Link 1 from clipboard)
2- (action 2 another link copied to the clipboard)

for example, I copy right now this:

and in another action I copy another link:

and in another action now I copy this:

and the result I look at is this one:


do you have any idea of how to make this? I was reading your post of question but I couldn't find anything related to helping me.


Hi @Odin_Rojas_Sanchez Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Sorry, I didn't completely understand your question.

From my brief understanding, you mention that:

  1. You copy 3 items to clipboard step by step/one by one
  2. You want to run a snippet on all 3 items at once

This is not possible, unfortunately, as Text Blaze can only read the latest clipboard item. I would suggest you to do this:

  1. Copy all 3 links in one step
  2. Run a snippet to print those 3 links one by one.

Using something like this:

{my_links={clipboard}; trim=right}
{my_links_list=split(my_links, "\n"); trim=right}
{repeat: for (link, i) in my_links_list}{=i}. {=link}

Try to copy the following and then see the preview for the above snippet:

If I didn't understand or answer your question, feel free to reply. If you'd prefer a voice call/video demo, feel free to email me at



Thanks!, I really like your idea, it help me to understand some things, also sorry for the misunderstanding,

I was trying to analyze a link that is in the clipboard and with the result create a list like you help me, but I want that the process not end with a single copy to clipboard, instead of this, I want to create a list with multiple and secuencial copies to the clipboard.

Can you give an example of what data is in your clipboard initially, and then what should be the data in your clipboard after this process is done?