Make A Snippet Available In Multiple Folders

I want the ability to have a snippet available in multiple folders instead of only 1 folder, so I can set up Teams and permissions within my Org that are aligned with how our teams and responsibilities are set up internally.

Example: I have many snippets that multiple teams need to be able to use, but the teams do not contain the same users. Currently, the only way to accomplish this is to duplicate a snippet and change the shortcut so it can be put in another folder. This is a BIG problem because now there are identical snippets being used and if any edits need to be made, there is a massive risk that the edits are not made to "all versions" of the snippet. Also, it is getting increasingly difficult for my Org's users to find the snippet(s) they need.

There needs to be a way to make a snippet available to more than 1 folder at a time.

Thank you for considering this!

Hey Brad,

Although we don't support having the same snippet in multiple folders, you can achieve what you're looking for by creating different folders for the snippets you need to share across multiple teams, and then adding those folders "default folders" for each team. This will allow you to share one or more snippet to multiple teams while keeping them in a single place.

If you're an organization administrator, you can assign default folders in the Teams settings

Hi Obed. Thank you for your response I am familiar with your solution, and used to have it set up that way. Well, we still do to some extent. The reason this does not work for us is because there ends up being dozens of folders. This makes it very cumbersome for users to figure out where they need to go in order to find what they need, which is counterproductive to the reason for snippets in the first place. This is feedback direct from my teams of users.

Thank you for the feedback Brad. I can understand why the current solution can become cumbersome if you have many snippets across many teams. We may need to give it some thought on how to better share snippets across many teams for situations such as yours.

Hi Brad, if shortcut is not a problem you can use import to achieve it. What do you think?

You still have to share base snippet to all these users.

Thanks for your idea @VinodGubbala. Apologies though - I am not quite sure how you mean? Of course I am very fluent in the import snippet command, but not sure how you propose to apply it here. When you have a moment, could you elaborate please? Thank you kindly!

Have a folder with all the base snippets and would be shared with all users in the org.

And the folders specific to the use case will import these snippets as per the requirement.

Might be not a great experience, but want to throw my idea out.

  • Base Snippet (Shared to all users via default folder)
    • [[((snippet1))]
    • [[((snippet2))]
    • [[((snippet3))]
  • Accounting
    • /snippet1
    • /snippet2
  • Sales
    • /snippet1
    • /snippet3