Make titles WIDER - look at this unused space

Please make the Snippet titles WIDER. Look at this unused space!!
If I start my titles off with the word Shaker - then tell what it is.
I can't read it what the item is because they all say Shaker - T...
I've figured out ways to change them for the day that I'm working on a project - but that is not useful long term. I don't remember what the titles were for.

This is a fantastic product. I hope the formating can be adjusted to make it more useful.
make titles wider - look at this unused space

Thanks for the feedback. Where are you seeing that? Is that in the popup assistant?

Hi! This issue should now be fixed. You may need to open the assistant a few times for the change to take effect.

Thank you. Today Cedric reminded me about the search box. Where I can start typing a phone number that is in my snippet. Then I see a very wide view of the snippet. Wonderful!

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