Manage ChatGPT prompts with Text Blaze

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Do you use ChatGPT often? If you do, you know that copying and pasting prompts can be really time-consuming, especially if you have many different prompts in your library.

Instead, you can use Text Blaze and Data Blaze to help you manage your ChatGPT prompts and insert them in ChatGPT in seconds!


Text Blaze helps you:

  • Manage a library of prompts (even if you use a lot of them) with Data Blaze.
  • Customize prompts in real-time as you insert them in ChatGPT.
  • Insert prompts in seconds with snippets that automatically pull from your Data Blaze tables.

Here's the template:

Check our our GPT gallery page for more ways you can use Text Blaze with ChatGPT.

Note: With Text Blaze's OpenAI integration, you can generate GPT content directly within snippets themselves. If you want to use ChatGPT on multiple sites, such as Gmail, Outlook, Twitter, etc. then this is a better option for you.


This is brilliant. I was thinking about builing something like this but this is such a good template to start from.

Thank you.

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I absolutely love TextBlaze for this reason. I just wrote about TextBlaze recently on my blog proclaiming my love for it and how I use it. :slight_smile: Thanks for an awesome product.

Here's my blog post if you are interested: How to Save all Your ChatGPT Prompts & 10x Productivity (With TextBlaze)


genius :star_struck:

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