March Development Update

Text Blaze

:globe_with_meridians: Tables in Snippets

Tables in snippets have been one of our top feature requests, and now they are here! To add a table, just click the table icon in the snippet editor toolbar. One awesome feature of tables, is that you can use the {if} and {repeat} commands to dynamically add or remove rows.

Here's an example with an optional summary row:

Show summary: {formtoggle: name=show}

Item Price
Super soaker $59
Chair $120
{if: show}Total: $179{endif}

And here is an example where the rows are populated from a list (works great with Data Blaze!).

{items=[["name": "Super soaker", "price": 59], ["name": "Chair", "price": 120], ["name": "Desk", "price": 200]]}

Item Price
{repeat: for item in items}{} ${=item.price}{endrepeat}

Important Tables are still in Beta so we look forward to your feedback on them. Let us know if you have any issues or suggestions at

:heavy_equals_sign: Simplified Equality Checks in Formulas

Text Blaze has historically used "==" in formulas to check equality. For example, if you wanted to see whether the variable count equaled the number 2, you would write count == 2.

We've now simplified that, so you can just use a single equals for equality comparisons. We'll continue to support double equals for compatibility, but we recommend you use single equals going forward.

Here are some examples of the new, simpler syntax:

Does 2 = 3? {=2=3}
Does 3 = 3? {=3=3}

Favorite color: {formmenu: Red; Green; Blue; name=color}
{if: color = "Red"}That's my favorite too!{else}I actually like red.{endif}

Data Blaze

:link: Highlight Connected Data Blaze Spaces in Text Blaze

The folder names in your Text Blaze dashboard, will now display badges indicating any Data Blaze spaces connected to the snippets inside them.

These badges will let you see at a glance what your snippets connect to and you can click on them to quickly open up the connected space.

:zap: Many Improvements

A lot of usability improvements were added to Data Blaze since our last update. These include:

  • You can now quickly add a row below the currently selected row by pressing Shift-Enter
  • Filters for the collaborator field have been added, allowing you to quickly search for rows matching a specific person
  • The simpler "=" equality check syntax discussed above is supported in formula fields and BSQL
  • BSQL now supports inserting multiple rows at once
  • BSQL now supports simpler Linkrow assignments
  • More templates were added

As always...

If you have any questions, feel free to post to our Question and Answer community forums. And if you have anything you would love to see in Text Blaze or Data Blaze, please suggest it in the Features Ideas section.


WOW!!!!! This looks incredible! Iā€™m super excited for this stuff!


Thanks as always, going to go off and have a play with Tables. Very cool.


Woahhh, much needed feature. For me, now TextBlaze becomes a complete tool!

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