March Development Update

We're super excited to share with you some of the latest features and enhancements we've added to Text Blaze. We hope you'll love them as much as we do! :tada:

Text Blaze Upgrades

:keyboard: Enhanced Auto Pilot Navigation for Select Menus

Our Auto Pilot feature is now even better! It allows you to fill out multiple fields in a form on a website with just one snippet. You can use the tab {key} to hop between the form elements, saving you more time and reducing errors.

Text Blaze has always been able to navigate select menus with the {key: uparrow} and {key: downarrow} commands. For long menus though, this could be slow.


Now you can use the key command to type the first letter of a menu item and Text Blaze will jump right to it just as if you had typed the letter yourself. This makes it much easier to work with long select menus. For example, if I wanted to select "Opel" in the menu above, I can just {key: tab} to the menu then use {key: O}

:timer_clock: Long Running Snippet Indicator

When using Auto Pilot, snippets may take a little while to complete. For instance, if you're using the {wait} command to wait for the page to respond to your actions.

But don't worry! Text Blaze now includes a nifty indicator that lets you know when you have a long-running snippet still in progress. If a snippet insertion takes more than one second, this indicator will show how long the snippet has taken. When the snippet completes its insertion, the indicator will vanish.

Here is an example of the indicator at work while inserting a snippet that waits for four seconds.


Improvements to Data Blaze

:card_index_dividers: Row Grouping

You can now group rows in Data Blaze.

To do this, just select one or more fields you want to group by, and any rows with the same values for those fields will be grouped together. You'll also see a count of rows matching that grouping.


For example, in a space to track candidates for hiring, you could group by the candidates' role and status to better organize your space.


:bust_in_silhouette: Created By and Last Modified By Fields

Data Blaze now has fields for Created By and Last Modified By. These fields auto-update when the row is created or edited. Created By will show the user who created the row, and Last Modified By will show the user who last updated the row.


:clapper: Video of the Month

We all have our favorite Text Blaze features. But there's so much more to discover!

This video will show you four huge time-savers you might have missed in Text Blaze.

Let us know which ones surprised you :star_struck:

And remember... :hugs:

We're always here for you! If you ever need a helping hand, don't hesitate to drop a line in our Question and Answer community forums. And if there's something you'd love to see in Text Blaze or Data Blaze, we'd be absolutely thrilled to hear about it in the Features Ideas section.