May Development Update

Text Blaze

:wrench: Easily work with lists of data

Lists are a powerful feature in Text Blaze but they can be difficult to grasp for new users.

This month we made it much easier to work with lists of data. When you have a variable in Text Blaze that contains a list, Text Blaze will now offer shortcuts for common use cases such as turning a list of items into a sentence.


This feature will make it much easier to work with and use lists in Text Blaze.

:ring_buoy: Save data when a form snippet fails to insert

Some users work in websites that automatically log them out after some time period. If they are logged out of a site while editing a long Text Blaze form snippet, then they won't be able insert their form snippet anymore.

Now, Text Blaze will automatically detect when the form failed to insert, and then help you restore your form data. You can copy the snippet to your clipboard and then paste it anywhere else. Here's a demo:


Data Blaze

:heavy_plus_sign: Add multiple rows at once

Data Blaze now supports adding multiple rows to a table at a time. Simply control-click on the "+" at the bottom of a space and select how many rows you would like to add:

:+1: Emojis support in comments

We've added an emoji picker to the Data Blaze row comments. You can now add a :fire: or :rocket: to a comment with ease.

These are great for quick reactions to comments.

As always...

If you have any questions, feel free to post to our Question and Answer community forums. And if you have anything you would love to see in Text Blaze or Data Blaze, please suggest it in the Features Ideas section.


Great Updates! Thank you


Thanks, guys


Great work team


Thanks for the updates! Keep up the awesome work.


Hi Scott,

The updates related to List are great. I saw that you have added "First List Item" and "Last List Item". Can you also add one-click option to add "All List Item" ? Sometimes, it takes lot of time to formulate All List Items (example screenshot), so that we can use any of such items in snippet.


Do you have any plan to add such feature? It would be best and time saving if you can add. Thanks

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Hi @Pratik_Shah, I think you mean you want to access any item instead of all items? So the way it would work is 1. you choose the option to insert any item 2. then we ask you which position item you want to insert 3. then you would specify fifth item (for example), 4. then we would insert {=list[5]} into your snippet. Does that solve your purpose, or is it slow/unusable for your purpose?

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Thank you for responding.
The suggestion you gave is ideally fulfilling the purpose. Atleast better than doing manually.