Meet the Text Blaze team in person. Coffee on us ☕

Hi everyone,
We would love to meet you in person (over Zoom) and understand how you use Text Blaze and what we can do to help you become even more productive. Should take 15-30 minutes.

Coffee (Starbucks gift card) on us!

If you're interested, please find a time that works for you here: Calendly - Dan Barak

Looking forward to meeting you!


Hi Dan

I would love to meet the Team, but I think, on Calendy, the available time is not suitable for me (IST) due to different time zone.

Hi @Pratik_Shah
Email me at and we'll find a time that works for you.

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Thanks @Dan_Barak1. I will send an email with convenient time.

Hi @Pratik_Shah - Dan's time zone makes it hard to find a good overlap with IST. Please send me an email on and we can chat. Looking forward to it.

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Sure. Thanks

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I'd be happy to show you some of the things I accomplish with Text Blaze.

Thanks, David! Do you mind shooting me an email at