Merge formatting

I edit a snippet every day by pasting in text. The snippet is in small font, but the pasted text appears in default larger font. Would it be possible to have Blaze function like Word and other text programs by merging formatting? (with CTRL+SHIFT+V to keep formatting, or vice versa).

Hi Kevin,

Text Blaze actually does match formatting in many cases, but there are some cases where it doesn't work.

If your snippet is all plain text, can you try adding a bit of styling to it (e.g. bold something in) and see if that fixes the issue?

Thanks. I tried formatting the text with bold and italic, but every time I paste it resorts to the program's default text. This happens with both CTRL+v and CTRL+SHIFT+v.

What's the website this happens on? Happy to take a look.

This is the website, but no website text that I copy from is able to merge into another snippet without retaining its own formatting.