Merge google sheet data to send personalized Linkedin inbox

Hi everybody!
Given a google sheet containing columns: Fig1Link to Linkedin specific contact thread / message

Can I do in some way an automatic delivery of inbox message to each content in the spreadsheet?

Link to Linkedin specific contact thread: if you click in the link, it will open in the linkedin the specific message thread of the contact. (fig 2)

Thank you!

Hi @martinhgps

You mean something similar to what a mail merge platform would do, but for linkedin?

Hi Cedric, yes, but something simple that also may need some comands en each message from us. If it can be fully automatic it would be fantastic.
For example I do this manually that works but is manually:

  1. Use the link from the spreadsheet to open the linkedins message thread
  2. Copy to the clipboard the text (message) from the spreadsheet that will be pasted in the linkedin body of message thread.
  3. Paste the message.
  4. Go back to the spreadsheet and move down one row.
  5. Loop to 1)

May be easer to use the link from the contact profile instead from the message´s link, and then that Text blaze search for the buttom "message" and opens it and go on with the next step.



Maybe this would be a simpler approach:

  1. Have snippets for the various message types, and use the LinkedIn command pack for the recipient's name in each of the snippets
  2. Click on the message link from your spreadsheet to open that messaging window directly
  3. Use the snippet you need inside the message. The LinkedIn command pack will automatically insert the name.

If you want to take it a step further with special customizations, you could:

  1. Add the custom message bits in the spreadsheet row
  2. Copy the entire row to your clipboard
  3. Follow the steps in the first procedure, but use the split function inside your snippet to insert the custom bits from the spreadsheet inside your snippet

You can see how that works here:

Would something like that work for you? Happy to jump on a call anytime and help you build it :slight_smile:

Thank you! I will take a look!!!

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Anytime :slight_smile: