Migrating from Autohotkey


I'm looking to migrate a number of our current scripts in AutoHotkey over to TextBlaze. We've done about 90% of these. We're getting stuck on a couple.

Here is an old legacy script which takes the TEXT in the Clipboard and then does a a series of replaces to make that text a filename compatible name. ie it removes all the special characters etc

eg it transforms somethinng like this

Full SpoilerTV Pilot Watch Spreadsheet!!!--&&& 17



here is the Autohothey code

basically takes the clipboard, does the replaces, then lowercases everything, and then pushes it back to the clipboard so I can paste it into my docs/articles.

send ^c
Clipboard := StrReplace(Clipboard,"-")
Clipboard := StrReplace(Clipboard,".")
Clipboard := StrReplace(Clipboard,"!")
Clipboard := StrReplace(Clipboard,",")
Clipboard := StrReplace(Clipboard,":")
Clipboard := StrReplace(Clipboard,"+")
Clipboard := StrReplace(Clipboard,"&")
Clipboard := StrReplace(Clipboard,"£")
Clipboard := StrReplace(Clipboard,"(")
Clipboard := StrReplace(Clipboard,")")
Clipboard := StrReplace(Clipboard,"$")
Clipboard := StrReplace(Clipboard,"%")
Clipboard := StrReplace(Clipboard,"'")
Clipboard := StrReplace(Clipboard,"  ","-")
Clipboard := StrReplace(Clipboard," ","-")
Clipboard := StrReplace(Clipboard,"--","-")
StringLower, Clipboard, Clipboard

Is this something that TextBlaze can do?

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Hey Andy,

Welcome to Text Blaze, glad to have you!

We have a similar function, replace( -- here's documentation on string functions including that one.

Similar to how you were doing this in your old tool, you'll probably just want to stack a bunch of replace( functions on top of the clipboard, along these lines:

{=lower(replace(replace(replace({clipboard}," ","-"),".","-"),"!","-"))}

The replace function works as:

replace(text-to-be-replaced, "what you want replaced", "what it should be replaced by")

In the example here, text-to-be-replaced is your clipboard contents.

If you want to strip something completely, you could do something like: replace(original, "thing that needs replacement", "")

I don't believe that Text Blaze can push the value back to your clipboard, but you'd simply use your snippet's shortcut to insert that modified version where you need it.


Hi Andew,

Thanks for the warm welcome and the very informative help, very much appreciated.

I'll be sure to play around with that and I think it's exactly what I need.

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