Move Focus from File Name to Text Body


I'm using text blaze with Google Docs.

I'd like to create an auto pilot that enables me to start in the file name, change the date in the file name then automatically move the focus to the body of the document and make a change there.

It's easy to do each individually - but moving the focus from title to text is not working.

Any ideas??

And thanks for a great app!

Hi Geoff,

The way you should be able to do this in Google Docs is the following:

Enter Title{key:return}Enter Body

However, this does not work due to the specific way Google Docs is implemented. It does change the focus as desired but does not insert the body text after the focus is changed.

We'll look into this some more to see if there is a way to work around the specific issue here and make this work correctly.

Thanks Scott,

I thought it should be that simple too - LOL

Let me know if/when you come up with a solution.

Once again - great app - well executed. :slight_smile:

I'd love to see this work too. I work with docs extensively.

Any progress on this?

We've look into it. Theoretically it should be possible but unfortunately it would be extremely complicated to do currently. We'll keep it on our to-do list but no ETA for it.

Thanks for the update Scott.