MS Word and Outlook

I am able to use text blaze everywhere except for in MS Word type documents and Outlook. Suggestions?

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Hi @Tennille_Feldbush and welcome to the forum.

Text Blaze currently works only in Chrome and Chromium-based browsers. It does not work in desktop or mobile applications. To use TB in Word and Outlook, you'll need to use it in the online versions of those programs.

However, implementing Text Blaze on other platforms is high on our to-do list. If you would you like to see Text Blaze on other platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and others, please tell us here: platforms

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I tried to use TB in Microsoft Outlook and it did not work. This is the main emailing system of my company and it would be good to be able to use the shortcuts I have already set up for the business. How can I use TB in Outlook. What do you mean by 'online versions' ? I don't understand. I use Outlook for email and as far as I'm aware it is 'online'? I'm not a techo so maybe I don't get what you mean. Thanks.

Hi, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Hi, is your outlook running within Google Chrome with a URL like If so, Text Blaze will work there

Hi Jeff, I use TextMate while logged into Microsoft Exchange online version and works fine. If you access your Outlook by clicking "start" on your computer and then looking up Outlook, that will be the desktop version. You need to using Google Chrome to work on or Outlook Exchange. Your IT support can provide a link. If you have Office 365 the login to your main account via Google Chrome, then on the upper left will be a button to open each Microsoft product included with your office 365 subscription. This another method to find your Outlook online. If you do not have office 365, this means your on the older 2016 desktop version of Microsoft. Text Blaze does not work with desktop applications yet. Paying for the annual Microsoft Office 365 ensures you always have the current version. Hopefully, this helps you out.

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Following up on this, we have now launched a Beta version of Text Blaze for Windows! :partying_face:

You can get the app here: