Multiple clipboard for filling out webform

Hello there, been trying to figure out ways on how I can do multiple clipboard. I want the form to be filled out automatically.
Just wanted to know if it's possible, if yes how can I do multiple clipboards?

Hi @Gerald_John_Amora,

Text Blaze can only read the latest thing you copied into your clipboard. In other words, it will not retain anything you would have copied previously.

That said, there might be ways to achieve the outcome you want, but that depends on how you're copying your data.

The video below explains how you can manipulate the contents of your clipboard:

As a practical example, let's say you have some data you're copying from a page. The data contains four items—one on each line—and you want to insert each of these items into a resppective field in an online form.

Your snippet would look something like this:

{=split({clipboard}, "\n")[1]}{key: tab}{=split({clipboard}, "\n")[2]}{key:tab}{=split({clipboard}, "\n")[3]}{key: tab}{=split({clipboard}, "\n")[4]}

The forum cannot preview clipboard contents, so here's how you can test this out.

1. Copy the snippet above to your dashboard (see the animation below for instructions)

GIF - Copy Snippets to Text Blaze

2. Copy the following text to your clipboard

The first line of text
The second line of text
The third line of text
The fourth line of text

3. Go to this form

Testing Form

4. In the first field, type your shortcut

form fill demo

Let me know if anything is unclear :slight_smile:

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It works !!! Thanks Cedric ! I just have a follow up question

If there's a dropdown like this I can't choose properly because TB keypress has no down arrow key, any workaround ?


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You can try {key: downarrow}, it may work.

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