My Shortcut shows file:///ai

Your file couldn’t be accessedIt may have been moved, edited, or deleted.

The label is AI Artwork
The shortcut is forward slash ai.....I can't type it out literally because it fills in the destination.
The destination is: Samples of AI Generated Artwork by Reid Yamamoto
I created a hyperlink for it.

Does anyone know why this is happening and how to resolve it?

Hi @reidmoto,

Are you typing your shortcut in the search bar in the browser?

Hi Ashwin, yes, is that the problem?

Is that my username here? lol

I figured it out thanks to you asking me that question. I never imagined I would have to type: tb then space and then the shortcut.

I'm transitioning from Text Expander which works in the Chrome address bar. I was starting to do research to find a "better" shortcut maker than TextBlaze, but I kept seeing the stats that said 400k people are using it, and it has high ratings/reviews.

So instead I upgraded from free to Pro and it will motivate me to commit to actually learning how to get the most productivity and time saving shortcuts that I love.

Thank you for the clue Ashwin!