New weekly series -> Text Blaze Feature of the Week: Week 1 Forms

Hey Text Blaze community :fire:

I'm starting a new series where I post weekly about cool Text Blaze features to highlight all the awesome stuff you can do with Text Blaze :sunglasses:

Text Blaze Feature of the Week #1: Forms :memo:

2. Forms animated

Forms are some of the most useful features that Text Blaze has to offer. They work as placeholders, turning your snippets into templates you can customize in real time.

Three things you need to know about forms:

Here are some examples:

Hey {formtext: name=name}!

I'm excited to meet with you to discuss our collaboration regarding: {formtext: name=projectname}! Please bring any questions you may have with you. I'm happy to answer them for you.

I'm excited to work with you. {=projectname} is going to be great!

Thanks {=name}!

Hello {formtext: name=name; default=John; cols=10},

Your order has been received. To confirm, you ordered {formtext: name=units; default=5; cols=5} units, which cost ${formmenu: 10; default=20; 30; name=price} each.

The total cost is {=units * price; format=$,.2f}.

Thank you for your order {=name}. Please reach out if you have any questions!

{if: price == 30}Congrats! You qualified for free shipping!{else}To receive free shipping, the price per unit must be $30 or more.{endif}

What do you think should be the next feature of the week? Let me know by commenting here or emailing me at :smiley: