No Automatic Skipping of Lines on LinkedIn

Hi there,

How can i configure my snippets in a way that the extension dosen't automatically add spaces between lines where I haven't added a space ? (=no automatic skipping lines)


Could you attach a screenshot of the issue you are seeing. It would help me understand the problem.

Hi there,

I'm also having this issue

Here's a screenshot of the snippet:

vs the result:


I use this a lot so it would be great to get this solved!

I should point out that I modified a snippet which didn't skip lines with new text that now does


Thanks for this feedback Max.

What website are you inserting this snippet into? If I insert it in the Text Blaze scratchpad or Gmail I don't see the extra spaces you are seeing.

Hi Scott,

I was posting it on LinkedIn but that's what I use it for.

Whatever the change is, it seems to be recent.

Best wishes


This is an issue with linked we've seen before. Try to take a multiline piece of text like the following and paste it into Linkedin.


You'll see it adds extra newlines just like it does for Text Blaze

Hi scott

I'm afraid it doesn't


Where in Linkedin are you pasting that? Could you be specific about the part of the ui and I'll take a look at it.

in the messaging interface.

Thanks Max, I've looked into this some more. It appears the issue is specifically with styled text.

So if you try and copy the following to the Linkedin field you should see the same issue (note the added bolding):


You can resolve this issue in Linkedin in your snippets by getting rid of the styling. Specifically the colored links you have. You can use the "Tx" toolbar item in the Text Blaze editor to do this.

Just following up on this. In the 2.2.9 release of Text Blaze from last week you should no longer see double new lines in LinkedIn even when using Styled snippets!