No Data in Website Command

Hello everyone and happy Monday.

I have a quick issue I need a hand with.

I've been using the Website command to fetch information from a page and it was working until recently but now a specific snippet stopped (and it's the one I use the most).


{site: text; page=*; selector=._1yovR2Tu_ZafYYhH9654u_}

The result I get now is "No data". Why is this happening? It was fine until recently. How can I resolve it? It seems like there is a simple solution for this but I can't figure it out. Please help! :blush:

Hi @Support_Goodness_Lov thanks for the helpful screenshot.

It looks like the data is there. I'm not sure why that issue would happen. Since what date is the issue happening?

If you're available for the next few hours, please email us at so we can setup a time to meet and resolve this quickly.

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Thank you Gaurang for helping me resolve this over a call! It was a pleasure talking to you!:blush:


Glad to talk to you as well :slight_smile:

As we discussed, the issue was the website added another element matching the same selector that you were using. The value of this element was "No Data", which is why we got that match. The website's DOM tree was hard to navigate, so we settled on a different solution using extractregex function on the entire website content to find the exact value that we needed.