Nonbreaking space

It would be nice to be able to insert a non-breaking space.
Especially fro Google docs.
I tried - it is converted by Textblaze to a normal space.

By non-breaking space, do you mean that the text won't wrap at that word break?

Eg.: "this is[nbsp]a test would allow wrapping between "this is" and "a test", but not between "is" and "a".

To help us understand how we might address this, could you outline more about the use case for this feature?

Yes, thanks, yes!
Non-breaking space (  or   U+00A0) is a character which prevents automatic text wrapping - it helps preventing the disconnection between things which should be together like “Fig. 8”. Unfortunately Google docs made it very inconvenient to insert a non-breaking space. So it would be nice if Text Blaze allowed it.

Unfortunately, I doubt this is something we could implement especially in regards to Google Docs.

Google Docs is actually a very interesting case. They do this very strange thing where they actually direct all your typing into a hidden offscreen text input which they analyze keystroke by keystroke and before adding the processed text to the main document. They would likely strip anything like a non-breaking space during this process.

We spend a lot of time making sure we support Google Docs and actually need to emulate the whole process of sending simulated keystrokes to the offscreen input to make sure Text Blaze works with them.

THat's right!
It looses nbsp on the way from Textblaze to Google docs.
The nbsp is stored fine in the Textblaze.
It looks like yes, it could be difficult or impossible to trick Google docs to take it.

Try using code 202f instead of 00a0. The former is a "narrow no-break space" that Docs happily accepts using the ctrl-shift-u-hex-code sequence. And it works in text blaze, as well. At least it works on my Pixelbook.