Not working on Linkedin - in "Add a note to your Invitation" popup text box

Hi Guys,
Text Blaze is not working in Linkedin > Connect > Add Note > Add a note to your Invitation (popup text box). Could this be fixed...
thanks in advance

Hi @Saravanan_Padua_Yell - Welcome to the forum.

Is this happening even with a simple text snippet?

Now it is working, could be because I restarted my browser since the extension install. Now it is working like a charm :slight_smile: superb product :slight_smile:

@Saravanan_Padua_Yell - that's great to hear :slight_smile:

Are you using the LinkedIn command pack? It's super handy.

Have a look:

Absolutely, It is a very very good tool. I just check it out :slight_smile: Thanks again to you & your team.

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Hi Cedric,
Good Morning, seems it could too much to ask... but a feature to automatically attach files on Linkedin messages would do wonders for sales people. Just an idea.
Best regards,

@Saravanan_Padua_Yell - I'm not sure about the technical requirements of such a feature, as I'm not one of the programmers. But I'll make sure to escalate your suggestion :slight_smile:

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