Notes - Always display


Is there a way to always show a Note? E.g. If the Note is really important. Still don't want it to go into the snippet, but just as a way to prompt the user as a reminder, even if it is not a full form.

Hey Rowan,

Welcome to the Community! If I understand correctly, you have a snippet that doesn't have any form fields, so no pop-up is generated. But, you still want to force the pop-up so that you can display a note before the text is inserted in its destination.

If that's correct, then yes this is possible. I would approach it like this:

{note}the text of my note that I DO want to display before inserting text would go here
{endnote: trim=right}
This is text that will get inserted when using the snippet
{note: preview=no; trim=yes}{formtext}{endnote}

What I'm doing is hiding a formtext field behind a note that has preview turned off. That way, Text Blaze sees that there's a form field in the snippet and triggers the pop-out window, but having preview=no on that note means that the form field isn't actually displayed. The first note that I created is still displayed because I am not using preview=no in that note.


Thank you so much Andrew that works for me :smiley: