Number of days between two dates


I've used the formula for calculating the number of days between 2 dates but the formula is returning the number of weeks instead of the number of days. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Here's the link: Text Blaze | Date Calculator

I actually need number of hours days and hour between the 2 dates but I'll start with getting number of days working.



Hi @Keith_Fairbairn,

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Thanks for pointing out. We will update the docs soon. You can use this snippet to get the number of days and hours between two dates.

Between {formdate: YYYY-MM-DD; name=x} and {formdate: YYYY-MM-DD; name=y} there are {=floor(diff/(3600*24))} day/s and {=floor(diff/(3600))} hour/s
{note}{diff=abs({time: X; at={=x}}-{time: X; at={=y}})}{endnote: trim=yes}


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Thanks @Ashwin_Mittal1...that was quick!

Do you know if it will still work if I change the date format to MMM D, YYYY?

Can I place these two formula dates anywhere in the snippet? I have custom text to use.


Yes, it will, but you need to specify the pattern attribute while calculating the diff as well. I have done it in this snippet. In the preview it will show DD/MM/YYYY, but on insert, it will be MMM D, YYYY.

Regarding your second question, yes you can place them anywhere in your snippet.

Between {formdate: MMM D, YYYY; name=x} and {formdate: MMM D, YYYY; name=y} there are {=floor(diff/(3600*24))} day/s and {=floor(diff/(3600))} hour/s
{note}{diff=abs({time: X; at={=x}; pattern=MMM D, YYYY}-{time: X; at={=y}; pattern=MMM D, YYYY})}{endnote: trim=yes}

Great. I got it to work with our preferred date format.

The only challenge now is that the results are returning days and total hours, like 3 days and 72 hours. Same difference express in either days or hours. I only need days.

I realize I can only use either days or hours and not both since the hours variable would need a time of day function at both ends. I don't think I need that detail right now.

The formula is used for when I client cancels a booking.

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