Numbers disappear from the snipped

entering a number that starts with 0, the snipped makes the whole number disappear (also all digits before and after)
Thank you

Could you post the relevant portion of the snippet here in addition to what the actual and expected outputs are?

If we tipe the following:

Per ogni altra informazione o richiesta non esiti a contattarmi.
Chiamaci allo +39 0471 865232, ciao
A presto

If we than go to another snipped and we come back, the following desappears:
+39 0471 865232,

We have other numbers in the same snippet but they are not despairing:

This is happening not only on my computer.
Thank you

Thank you. I've tested this on our end and cannot reproduce the issue with the sample you sent.

My guess is you have another Chrome Extension like the Skype extension or some other telephony helper that is recognizing the phone number and modifying it in a way that it gets deleted from the snippet.

If you have any other extensions installed, can you try disabling them and then seeing if the issue still happens for you? Please let us know if that fixes it.

You got it Scott!
3CX Extension

Is there a turnaround to make it working?

You can disable the 3CX extension on Text Blaze. Here is a Google article on managing extensions access to sites: