Nutritional guidance for patients using DataBlaze (pick up food and display salt content)

Text Blaze is an ideal input aid for electronic medical records.
I am the director of an internal medicine clinic in Kyoto, Japan, and I sometimes provide nutritional guidance to patients with hypertension.

For example, if I take a medical history from a patient as shown below, is it possible to use Data Blaze to display the salt content of the relevant food?

Patient's most common foods: miso soup, pickles, crisps, etc.

I would consider transcribing the data from sites such as Examples of sodium content in various foods and food groups - Guideline: Sodium Intake for Adults and Children - NCBI Bookshelf to Data Blaze in advance.
I'm thinking that it would be smarter to create a table in advance using Data Blaze, so I'm asking the question.

Hi @Naritatsu_Saito , yes you can do this using Text Blaze and Data Blaze.

For basic examples on how to read values from Data Blaze, you can see this video and this guide.

For your specific question, you should:

  1. Store the table in advance on Data Blaze
  2. Back in Text Blaze, create a new snippet with the "Read from table" command to read data from that table. Set the name in the command to ingredients.
  3. Also, in that command, set multiple to yes, so that you can select multiple ingredients.
  4. Then you can use {=ingredients} to display the data. If you want to nicely format it, you can use repeat, like this:
Patient consumed these ingredients:

{repeat: for (ingred, index) in ingredients}
{=index}. {=ingred["name"]} with salt content {=ingred["salt"]} 

The exact snippet depends on your column names. Let me know if it works for you.

@Gaurang_Tandon Thanks for the reply, I will try Text Blaze, although there is still a lot I don't understand. But, I have fun, while I do it.