October Development Update

This month we want to deep dive into an important upcoming feature of Text Blaze.

:globe_with_meridians: Integrations

Text Blaze users frequently use many different tools as part of their workflows. To move forward in our mission of speeding up productivity everywhere, we want to work even better with these tools.

Here are the kinds of scenarios we want to enable:

  • Gmail and Outlook: Automatically include recipient names in a snippet when replying to an email
  • Google Spreadsheets or Airtable: Dynamically include data from a spreadsheet in a snippet
  • Google Maps: Create a map on the fly when an address is typed into a Text Blaze form
  • Salesforce or Hubspot: Include information from a CRM system in a snippet
  • Slack: Send a message to a channel every time a snippet is used

We've done a lot of work on the foundation of features like this, but at this point it is important we hear from you. To help us prioritize our work, we want to know what applications you use and what integrations might be most useful for you.

Please shoot us an email at integrations@blaze.today with what would be most useful for you and we'll use it to help prioritize our plans.

As Always...

If you have any questions feel free to post to our Question and Answer community forums. If you have anything you would love to see in Text Blaze, please suggest it in the Features Idea section.

That would be amazing! Definitely want integrations for google sheets and docs, and gmail.


Hi Cedric,

Thanks for the feedback! What specific types of integrations with Sheets, Docs and Gmail would you like to see.

I know you are interested in loading the contents of a Google Docs into a snippet, but what else?

Data from and to specific cells/rows in Google sheets, as well as putting data into Google docs in conjunction with regex and replace functionality.

For example, in a Google doc I would have "Title: [title]" with [title] being a temporary placeholder. I would want the option to find the string "Title:" and replace the subsequent text with a string of my choice.

In Google sheets, I'd like the option to search for a specific text in a column, then extract all subsequent content in that row, splitting it by tab (as I do with the split command in conjunction with the clipboard command)

Same with putting content in sheets. E.g. find a string in column A, then put xyz string (or replace xyz with abc) into the same row, n tabstops away.

For sheets wouldn't it be easy to use A1 notation rather than search for a string to identify a range?

Not necessarily, because sometimes I might want to look up a specific reference and not know which cell it's in.

Sorry I'm late, as it is now November. Maybe the following can be for consideration on the next round of development, if you are not working on this already. I love Textblaze. I also want to start using my iPad Pro more. One limiting feature is that I can only use the Google Docs app, which is my primary word processor. If Textblaze could work within the Google Docs app, that would be golden. Thanks!

@Marc_Kramer, you're referring to the Google Docs Application not the Website correct?

If so we plan to support iOS and Android apps in the future, but no ETA is available for that. It should already work fully in the Docs website.

Hi Scott, A lot of us ESL teachers use text blaze for student feedback evaluations. Our company is now switching an app only situation. This means we lose the ability to use the Text Blaze extension. Is there a way to connect it to our company's app?

@Candace_Boroos, What application are you guys switching to?