Older version download, for outdated Chrome

I use Text Blaze for work and they haven't updated chrome, and the update likely won't happen for a while. Is there a way to download the older version until they update chrome? I'm unable to use it until then and I'm literally already drowning.
Thank you all for any help!

Hi @Timothy_Willoughby, welcome to the forum.

Text Blaze shoud work in any Chromium-based browser. That includes Brave and Microsoft Edge. Could you try one of those? If you're running a Windows-based machine, there's a chance that you have a fairly recent version of Edge.

Let me know if this solves it.

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You literally saved my life! I didn't know that these browsers were connected like that! Amazing!

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@Timothy_Willoughby - you're most welcome! So, which browser did you end up going with? I'd love to hear your feedback on how TB works with it.

And if you ever run into any issues, please drop me an email at support@blaze.today

I ended up using Edge! Today, my company approved the new chrome update, so I'm back to that. You are amazing and I'm so greatful. I would have been completely under water if you hadn't helped me!

Edge worked great with TB! It was just like Chrome. I was very pleased with the way it interacted with all of my daily use apps.


@Timothy_Willoughby - glad it all worked out!

A small side-note for anyone else reading this—while Text Blaze should work on Chromium-based browsers, please keep in mind that we are optimized for Chrome, so your experience may vary on other browsers. More importantly, if you intend to use Text Blaze on a company-issued device, always make sure that your employer is OK with you installing a different browser. Company policies and security protocols may vary, and your employer might have reservations about allowing browsers that aren't officially sanctioned by the company. It's always best to play it safe.