One folder for one website

I just installed the extension and had some searched but didn't find any setting for specifying snippets of one folder to be only working/changing only on that website. so the options can be used globally or only one or multiple websites.

Thank you.

Hi @0xdolan Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing the interesting idea. Can you give an example of the existing shortcuts and the websites that you are using to help us better understand your request?

Hello my friend.

Sure. I think there should be local access and global access (that is what I named it based on local variable and global variable). Local access means that the shortcuts related to one website, only works on that website, so it doesn't interfere same flag in two websites. Global ones, on the other hand, can be accessed on every website and open tabs.
for example, Let's take I have opened a folder to use some shortcuts only for my emails. so I don't want those shortcuts be accessed or work in another website or tab. I don't want same shortcuts be accessed on Definitely I should have this option to make it global or local. I will decide which ones, which folder to be access locally (for one specific page/website) or globally.
I am using this extension for small dorks on different websites and I don't want to mix them. probably I have /body in two folders. each one can be accessed only in their websites and each one has different values based on their folders. I hope all the descriptions be clear to you, else I am still be available to describe more if you need to.
Thank you.

I believe you are using the extension on your own (not sharing snippets with other team members). In this case, have you considered the following alternatives:

  1. Renaming your snippet shortcut to /gbody for gmail, /fbody for facebook, /tbody for twitter, etc. In this way, these shortcuts will not conflict with each other.
  2. Using the right click context menu to insert a snippet. This is shown on our video (Inserting Snippets in Text Blaze - YouTube).

Can you try them out and see if they work for your case? Thanks!

That's true, the point here is not for sharing. either if I share a folder, on the other side as well it can be used specifically on the selected website. I have used the offered way you have just mentioned already, that's why I asked if possible to add those features so one can do more specializing on his snippets.
Thank you.