Open AI and Text Blaze

I have always been a fan of the Text Blaze comminity. Recently OpenAI became available on TB and I introduced it to summarize patient interviews. Nowadays, patients can enter their own medical history on the web, but some patients have a very long medical history.

{openai-text: This is a new patient interview, please summarize in 400 characters or less:{=text}}
{text={site: text; selector=textarea}}

I was surprised to see that a long medical interview can be summarized with only one line of code.

It uses Open AI's API, so there is a problem that it is slow. Depending on the time of day, it may get stuck and not respond.

Maybe this is not something to ask on the TB comminity, but I'm not sure if there is a paid plan (is there?) for Open AI. would solve the problem of delay, no reply, etc.?

Also, is there an expiration date for the free use of Open AI's API?

For the question about delays, that would definitely need to be directed to the OpenAI team. I don't imagine that they are throttling response times based on subscription status, but we'd just be guessing.

Per their pricing page (Pricing) and the account usage page (OpenAI API), it looks like the free period is 3 months or $18 worth of usage, whichever comes first.

Their pricing page has a lot of information about different plans and how they calculate usage. I am not sure which model we're using in our integration, but maybe one of our engineers could weigh in on that.

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@Andrew_Hall Thanks for the reply, OpenAI is still a new technology but seems to be a disruptive innovation, I'm considering signing up for an Open AI paid plan.