Open Compose Email dialogue box automatically using urlsend

Is there a command wherein I can force click "Compose Email" in Gmail, without being in Gmail?

Like we can compose the email using url like Gmail.

I am just trying to see if you can compose email using urlsend command or something like that.

Any insight from you will be helpful.

Hi @Pratik_Shah - I'm not sure I understand the workflow you're trying to get to.

The link you provided will open a "compose email" window in gmail, with prefilled data. If you're trying to compose a prefilled email and have gmail send it automatically without ever having to open the website, I doubt that is possible.

If you could elaborate a bit more on how you're hoping to use this, I might come up with some suggestions.

Yes, composing prefilled email and send it. Can textblaze atleast open browser with draft emails? Like when we click on the link given in my original post.

I was trying to see if we can send emails from textblaze without executing snippet in Gmail?

That could be done by Inserting the snippet inside the URL bar directly.

Just click inside the Chrome url bar and type tb followed by a space. This will activate Text Blaze inside your url bar and enable you to type shortcuts just as you would in a regular text box.

Would that be a viable option for you?

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Thank you for the idea. That will be helpful in some cases. However, if I have more number of emails to be sent, that may not be feasible. I will think and try to do that. Thank you for the advice.

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So essentially you're looking for a sort of mail merge functionality?

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Interesting challenge! Not sure this is the solution, but hope it helps spark ideas.

You can build a hyperlink that contains not only the opening of a new email, but all fields filled out. The key here to note is that this will open and create this email in whatever your default email handler is set to in your system. Here is a sample: Click Me

There’s a nifty app I found online that you can use to quickly and easily make your email and it generates the url for you. Check it out here.

Here’s another similar resource from

Hope this helps! Perhaps there’s a way to marry these tools together to yield a viable solution.



Thanks @Brad_Hedinger for the reply. I actually know how to create such mailto links with all the details of emails. I am sorry if my query was unclear.

Once I create this mailto link, is there any possibility wherein TextBlaze can directly execute such links without clicking on it? For example, in case of submitting Google form, we can use urlsend command so that as soon as the snippet is executed, the google form is submitted automatically without even opening the link in browser.

I understand from @Cedric_Debono_Blaze's answer, that we can not send emails without opening browser. However, alternatively, is there possibility, if I execute the snippet, the browser with compose email is opened automatically.

I am sorry if my query is unclear.
Thanks in advance

Hi Pratik,

No Text Blaze doesn't have a mechanism to open links from a snippet in a new window on insertion (an exception being this may be possible in certain cases with AutoPilot, but that depends on the site you are on and could be fairly complex).

Cheers, Scott

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Thanks Scott. That answers my question.