Operating hours recognition

Good afternoon, how are you? I needed help with a formula.

I needed a formula {if} when it is already beyond of our operating hours which is 17:00. then i want to display the text "Sorry we are closed now, hope we can help you in the next operating day".

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Yumin_Wijaya,

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To achieve the necessary functionality, you can use the snippet provided below.

{if: {time: X}-{time: X; at=17:00; pattern=HH:mm} > 0}Sorry we are closed now, hope we can help you on the next operating day{endif}

Hi @Ashwin_Mittal1

Provided guide working great, thank you for the support. really appreciated.


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Just wanna add this as an example :blush:

{if: {time: HH}>=06 AND {time: HH}<12}Good morning!{elseif: {time: HH}>=12 AND {time: HH}<16}Good afternoon!{elseif: {time: HH}>=16 AND {time: HH}<20}Good evening!{endif}