Organisation sharing, how to find shared folders

Hey there,

So, I have shared a folder with my Org, however other members are having trouble finding it.

How do you find Org shared folders in an org, and do you need to have a particular permission before you can actually share and/or see Org shared folders?

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Two basic options here:

  1. If this is a folder that everyone on your team should be using, you can use the Default folders feature in Text Blaze. This will automatically add the folder to the users accounts and enable it by default.

You can learn more here:

  1. If this is an optional folder that you want people to have access to and the option to install, you can use the regular folder sharing like it sounds like you are already doing. You can then include a link to the folder in your onboarding material for he team or in a shared wiki or the like and they can follow the link to add the folder to their account.

Hey Scott,

Thanks mate, #2 was what I was looking for. I just couldn't find any explicit information on what to do after I had applied shared with Org to a folder. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I just missed it? I couldn't see the workflow anywhere in the help docs.

Thanks Michael, will get those docs improved.

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